What do you think about Stray Kids upcoming new song by teaser?

Personally for me. I have actually liked their past two comebacks sound a lot. Even tho majority of people may not agree with me. I just found those two last cbs music catchy…in some way. I may not blast those sound during regular chore hours but hearing it in clubs is thumbs up for me. 

Coming to their recent one. I don’t know. I am pretty much uncertain about this one. I can see they wanted to do what they did with last cbs but I still can’t get myself to look forward to it. But still as I remember myself disliking Nayeon Pop teaser and Twice TTT teaser sound a lot but eventually falling in love with the music when it got released. I think it’s better for me to give some time to it and wait for the entire song release.

But what about you? Have you listened to their teaser sound yet? If you have whats your opinion on it? Are you looking forward to it?

P.S: Please don’t hate anyone on comment section. Even if you don’t like it comment in a decent manner.

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Their music is shit noise


sounds like maniac 2.0 tbh but a bit bad I guess, honestly skz’s music is not really my niche, good if you guys like it cause music is subjective. I do like their Miroh ep tho.


can they just make simple music, why its have to be so fkin noisy one again after another


As a skz casual listener I’d say their song is similar one to another so I don’t really excited. Nct also had some shitty loud song but their song is either hit or miss so you can expect something (sometimes only to regret it later)

I speak facts

It’s what I always think of their music…not good. lol Got7 had better music what happened here??


GOT7 is GOT7, SKZ is SKZ, it’s that simple.


why do the stylist always style felix like he’s a girl?? it’s kinda disturbing

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