What do you think is the most popular song among 4th generation male idol songs?

The song that comes to your mind

1. I think muggles don’t know 4th generation male idol songs

2. AB6IX’s debut song?

3. As soon as I saw the title, I thought of TXT’s debut song

4. A song that the public might have listened to is ‘Polaroid Love’…?

5. Shine..? Isn’t this the song of the 4th generation group? I don’t know

6. Honestly, 4th generation boy groups don’t have any popular songs

7. Maybe TXT does the best among the 4th generation boy groups

8. I know about the 4th generation, but there’s not song that comes to mind…

9. I love the 4th generation boy groups, but there is no one with a big hit…

10. For the 4th generation boy groups, I can think of maybe ENHYPEN and Treasure…?

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