What is happening with Starbucks and K-pop idols ? MCND; Jisoo; Somi and more suddenly promoting that controversial company

Disclaimer : A boycott is not an obligation. Anybody can decide to not support it, this doesn’t mean those idols here do not care about the situation, it just means they are still drinking at Starbucks, due to personal or professional reasons. 


As we know, Starbucks are being boycotted for their supportAccording to the media reports, calls for boycotting Starbucks products began after the company’s workers union publicly announced its support for the Palestinians, prompting complaints by Starbucks authorities who distanced themselves from the workers, labeling the announced support as the stance of their union.


That however was interpreted as the company’s support for the Israeli regime over the Palestinians, raising calls for boycotting the corporation, with #boycottstarbucks still trending on social media.

 Starbucks now seems to be aiming for K-pop community, since their well known loyal fans are going to defend their idols whatever the reason is.

K-netz are disappointed, a lot a korean fans on Kakao are starting massive actions, causing some of those idols to plummet on charts.


Here some idols recently spotted consummating Starbucks.



2. Jisoo (BLACKPINK)

3. Jeon Somi

4. Gaeul (IVE)


5. Kepl1er members

6. Hoshi (SEVENTEEN)

7. An ATEEZ member




10. Jihyo (TWICE)



And more idols.


There’s also fake news spreading all around the internet, concerning Jennie (BLACKPINK), a Stray Kids member and BTS members and they are FAKE. None of them promoted Starbucks after the war started.