What is surprising is that this girl group has not yet ranked #1 on Melon daily chart



1. I’m not surprised

2. 2nd place was also amazing

3. Is that surprising? They don’t have any representative songs that come to mind

4. All their songs are good, I’m waiting for their new album

5. It’s no surprise that there are NewJeans and IVE in the same generation

6. How come LE SSERAFIM doesn’t have any hit songs? All of their songs are good

7. By my standards, that’s not surprising

8. I didn’t even know they got 2nd place

9. I don’t know LE SSERAFIM’s rankings but I like all their songs

10. I think they will do it soon

11. I hope they get 1st place next time

12. They’ll do it with the next album

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