What is the biggest hit song of 4th generation girl groups?

Aespa ‘Next Level’

IVE ‘Love Dive’

NewJeans ‘Hype Boy’

1. Hype Boy

2. It seems like even the elders know about Hype Boyㅋㅋㅋ

3. I don’t even remember Next Level anymore..

4. Hype Boy > Love Dive > Next Level

5. I think it’s Next Level

6. I think it’s Hype Boy or Ditto

7. There are too many comments mentioning Hype Boy

8. Hype Boy > Love Dive = Next Level

9. All three are good but I still listen to Hype Boy…

10. Hype Boy

11. I don’t think there’s any song as influential as Hype Boy

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