What k-netizens say about aespa ‘Supernova’ MV

aespa ‘Supernova’ MV

1. The song and MV are fun

2. Seriously, this is the best song I’ve listened to recently

3. This is K-pop

4. This is the funniest song and music video I’ve seen in the past few years!

5. The MV is so fun. The song is more interesting than I thought

6. I watched the MV 5 times in a row. Who is the director??

7. The song is so good, it suits Aespa so well

8. The music video is really fun. It’s so trendy and the song is so good

9. I’m not sure about the song, but the concept and MV are good

10. I really like it because it’s fresh, unique and good

11. The music video is so fun that I watch it over and over again

12. Women in their 20s will definitely love it

13. Is this a b-side song?

14. The song is awesome and fun, and the music video is fun too

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