What k-netizens say about IVE ‘Accendio’ MV

IVE ‘Accendio’ MV

1. Both the MV and song are amazing!!!!!!

2. Jang Wonyoung is so cool!!!!!

3. Daebak.. Everyone is so pretty and the magical girl concept is perfect

4. I’m curious about the behind-the-scenes of this MV

5. The MV is fun and the song is good

6. The concept is so fun and fresh! The song is also good

7. Is this a children’s song?

8. It’s really interesting. This is the funniest music video I’ve seen recently

9. I like the song and I want to see their performance

10. Elementary school students will go crazy

11. Out of all the music videos I’ve seen so far, this is the funniest

12. When I heard the song, I didn’t even think about this concept

13. I liked the song as soon as I listened to it

14. The MV is so unique and good

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