What k-netizens say about KISS OF LIFE ‘Sticky’ Official Music Video

KISS OF LIFE ‘Sticky’ Official Music Video

1. Is that the title song!?

2. Oh… the members are all adults, right?

3. The song is good

4. Why did they release it at midnight?

5. But KISS OF LIFE really chose the song well and the members did well too, they’re so pretty

6. I really like this song

7. The song is so good and the choreography is also amazing

8. Ah, the song is so good, a perfect summer song

9. I love this song, it’s perfect to listen to in the summer

10. Why wasn’t it released at 6 p.m.?

11. But is KISS OF LIFE also a group that targets foreign countries? It was not released at 6 p.m

12. They are hot girls

13. The song is crazy

14. They remind me of Sistar

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