What Korean netizens say about Aespa Karina and Lee Jae Wook dating

“They fell for each other at first sight”… Karina ♥ Lee Jae Wook, the Milan couple

Lee Jae Wook and Aespa’s Karina are allegedly in a romantic relationship

They reportedly grew closer romantically after attending a brand fashion show together in Milan last month, and their relationship has since continued in Seoul

1. Dispatch, when will you stop stalking?

2. When will Dispatch go bankrupt?

3. No, Lee Jae Wook is younger than I thought, he’s only two years older than her

4. No, one month… How many times have they met? This is too much

5. Wow…Karina… I’m really jealous. Even though I’m a girl, I’m jealous of Lee Jae Wook

6. His girlfriend is Karina… I’m really jealous of her because when I first saw her, I thought she was really AI

7. They look so good together

8. Their visuals are crazy, they look like a vampire couple

9. I don’t know any of them very well, but they look good together

10. One month… ? Damn, this is too much

11. Can they have 3 dates in a month with that schedule?

12. Wow, they can’t even go on a few dates in a month. This is too much..

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