What Korean netizens say about BTS’ group hiatus announcement

BTS announces a break from group activities “We feel sorry for the fans”

They don’t disband! They are starting individual activities! The group’s first solo debut member is J-Hope!

1. I hope they do all the activities they want to do, I will support them no matter what they do

2. BTS is so warm, I will support them anytime, anywhere and no matter what they do

3. They really rewrote the history of K-pop, they are living legends

4. Thank you BTS… Thank you for being in my life. I’m so proud of BTS. Don’t feel sorry for the fans, do what you want to do and live happily

5. I’m glad I’m an ARMY. In the future, I will always be an ARMY

6. I know how serious the members are with BTS. I will always support BTS!

7. From this year, other male idol groups can finally get Daesangs…. Seeing them step back when they are at the peak of their careers, I feel like they’re really not greedy.. I’m looking forward to their individual activities

8. I think I can totally understand why BTS made that choice..

9. Thank you so much for being honest with me γ… γ…  I will continue to be an ARMY, so let’s be together for a long time γ… γ… 

10. I’m not a fan of BTS, but I’m in tears.. I think they’ve put a lot of thought into this.. BTS fighting!!!

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