What Korean netizens say about BTS Jungkook and Lee Yoo Bi’s dating rumors

Another dating rumor of BTS Jungkook ♥ Lee Yoo Bi “Dating until last May… Chanel bag gift”

According to former entertainment reporter turned YouTuber Lee Jin Ho, he has confirmed that Jungkook and actress Lee Yoo Bi were dating until last May

1. Lee Jin Ho…? Who believes in a YouTuber?

2. What the hell is he talking about?

3. There’s even an article about this…?

4. This reporter didn’t do any research, it’s just YouTube content

5. You know you can get sued for writing and spreading rumors, right?

6. They explained it wasn’t. Don’t mess up anymore

7. But seriously, how does that YouTube channel still exist? How many idols have become victims?

8. Who believes that YouTube channel?

9. It’s not surprising just looking at the comments, they’ve been spreading rumors for years

10. What? He suddenly got into dating rumors

11. What kind of reporter are you?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

12. Do you have any proof? I won’t believe it unless there’s a picture of them together

13. Please write the article after checking the facts ㅜㅜ This is the most important thing

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oh he’s about to get a love letter from Hybe soon and next month , bts_bighit will upload their usual notices of them sending people their love letters


In this case, these people are shipers, they are trying so hard to find something to connect them. Even considering that a statement was released that they are not dating, they are not even familiar with each other. These people continue to compose fan fiction in news articles

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Does anyone even belived this rumor? Why is it still here its so weird


It seems so, yesterday it trended number one on naver with over 500k views lmao Jesus. It’s BIG over there.


It looks real at this time tho.
lee yubi randomly meet anderson park at the time bts filming their mv and anderson special appearance in YTC is sus too
jk probably tag her along with him


D u think a grown ass woman tagging along BTS entourage would go unnotice by the media? foreign or k-medias in case of BTS?! Seriously, you don’t even know what media/people would do if they met BTS members. Many will talk. Even a monk couldn’t shut his mouth when he saw RM. Let alone Jungkook. IF he ever spotted being together w/ a woman.


anderson special appearance in YTC is sus? Do u think BTS is nugu? They are the most wanted artist/musician in the world 😭😭U sounds like the reason anderson in YTC because of this girl😭


no it’s sus bc why someone like lee yubi can meet anderson casually like that if it’s not bc jk tag her along with him. even the time is sus too

Gi Gi Hakusho

AP has korean family, is it so hard to understand. She’s rich as hell and has many contacts in the industry and she was in Coachella at that time and many k-celebrities meet these artist. It’s kind of misogynistic thinking only she can meet a big artist because of BTS lol.


Anderson Peak and BTS have been friends since 2021. You need to actually be serious and stop being slow af


that’s my point?
the only reason lee yubi can casually meet anderson and having a dinner bc she’s with jk


It’s already debunked. Have you checked another dc pann with whole thread consists of evidence that they’re not dating at all.



you also forgot that she have connections and rich as fuck thanks to her family that has been scamming people for years now


Wasn’t he with the tattoo girl?


It’s 2023. Please keep up and refresh your empty brain.


Jungkook can’t even catch a break. Every year antis are linking him with this yubi girl when they don’t even know each other lmao and in the big year of 2023 y’all are still pushing this tattoo girl on him when hybe already clarified and denied them.

Gi Gi Hakusho

Tattoo girl is living together with the same boyfriend she had while everybody thought she was dating JK. She has had a partner for years.


This is weird af! I bet not many media would shut their mouth if they ever spotted Jungkook on a date. Especially with korean actress. Suddenly a “nugu” youtuber said he saw jungkook w/ lee yubi, then bam! Its considered true? You antis and kmedias are so jobless. No photos, no proof whatsoever. Just based only on Jungkook’s buddist name? Seriously?! Even Jungkook didn’t visit temples many times. Remember Namjoon was potted few times at temples. But not jungkook. Ridiculous


as an Army, I approve this dating rumor, I hope Jungkook is happy.🥰


She way too beautiful for him


she’s ugly af, not to even mention her scammer ass family. JK’s way above her league bffr just focus on your socialite BP members and keep JK outta your clown mouth


it’s the other way around actually


What a forced rumor 😅


They are trying real hard for jungkook to get into a dating rumour because nobody believes the jennie and Tae ones anymore,luckily koreans are smart and know this is all sabotage


Iroaches like you are the only ones in denial of the jenniextae dating.


They rotate among the BTS members. When they get tired of making up that one of them is dating such and such a girl and people just ignore the stupid things they say, they go for another member to say the same nonsense. This kind of life is wrong for you. 


every few months, it’s different women according to kmedia. they want clicks so bad because the bts members are so private with their life.


The source is youtube sojang. Lee yoo bi herself she never met jungkook but only knows suga lol. Then, both have denied before. Must be annoying to keep denying again.


Here’s why jobless people shouldn’t start YouTube channels 💆🏻‍♀️. Stop using bts’ popularity to get some interaction. And pls stop this nonsense rumors


They are obviously not dating. She’s way too beautiful to be dating him.

Jinja 헐

She ugly as fuck. Inside and out. Plus her scammer family, naaah Jk is too smart to date such a ho


Wasn’t this man dating some tattoo chick? Now already with another woman? He gets around a lot huh


he gets around where? unlike your hoe ass fr


He is with a different women everytime. It’s giving player

Bla bla

Sure that tatto girl is currently married to some dude and people still link the name to him some people here need to touch some grass


you’re bitchless omg

Jinja 헐

Are you yubi ? 🤣🤣🤣 Cuz only that hoe, going online and posting comments like these 🤣🤣🤣🤣 ugly hoe ahjuma🤢🤮


Leave him alone you freaks


Birds of feathers flock

Lazy Banana

That jobless loser Sojang is back at it again. Idk why tf Pann girls give any attention to that hag. That channel is well-known for fabricating stuff and you’d think people would stay away from their content but nahhh, they keep on making posts about the ridiculous shits the hag makes.


I thought he said his ideal type is someone like IU…Are you sure he is dating her…I mean good for him I guess…but iu is self made talented goddess near her. I mean isn’t this girl’s family scammers or something. Seungri has got a lot of hate and lost so many of his fans in Korea to date her older sis. He doesn’t seem like a type to taint his name for a romance kind of guy. He seems passionate.


Fvck me for auto filling a criminal’s name instead of seungi…fvck please read this seungi. Definitely not that criminal 😭


the comments are so funny


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Jungkook and Rosé are more realistic than Jungkook and Lee Yu Bi. Jungkook went to vlive im her birthday (in my time zone it was 11 February), he is always active on February, he released an OST in her birthday last year, he added songs with Rosie Posie and Rose, he added a songs last ywar which where released on February 11th and Rosé released a cover which was originally released on September 1st 2021. And Jungkook had a YSL bag after his birthday when it wasn’t available in the store. So? Rosé and Jungkook more realistic.

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