What Korean netizens say about BTS Jungkook withdrawing from Instagram

BTS Jungkook withdraws from Instagram

“I left Instagram, I wasn’t hacked. I never used it so I just deleted it. Don’t worry!!!”

“I never used it, what could I do!!? I just want to use Weverse live every once in awhile.”

“I deleted the app right away and I don’t think I’ll use it in the future! Letting you all know in advance!!!”

1. Jeon Jungkook is so cool ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. There’s so much media, Twitter, Weverse and Instagram, there’s so much to do;;; Seriously, Jungkook is so cool

3. Leaving 52 million followers behind ㅠㅠ Jungkook is amazing

4. Wow, Jungkook is probably the only person in the world who just blew away 51.8 million followers

5. I’m not surprised because it’s Jungkook, he’s the coolest person I’ve ever seen

6. Awesome guy~ Jungkook, that’s why I like you so much~

7. Are there any celebrities who don’t use Instagram these days? All celebrities use it as advertising media, so he’s f*cking cool

8. My world fell apart today

9. I was surprised when I saw the title

10. He has 50 million followers.. I really like Jungkook’s personality

11. Jungkook, just do what you want to do~

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I've yujin

Love him compared to
Taehyung attention seeker


go chug on your dads balls instead of being a weirdo in here


Yall really try to set up the members so bad 💀


Stop making multiple acc to hate V, blinkpink


Such a loveless loser


Taehyung isn’t attention seeker, everyone’s attention including YOURS are the ones who come to him


Yeah, he is attracting attention of even nobodys like you, commenting about him when he is not even mentioned


8. My world fell apart today

Ngl, that was me. One second i was so happy because of his live and the next I’m ugly crying bc of his nonexistent IG account

That’s on me for stanning an unpredictable idol like JK.

He seriously is so cool, he doesn’t care about followers, likes or any nonsense. If he doesn’t feel like it he’ll delete it

White cat

Ig is just bunch of pic apps. You will be okay. 😅🤣


Grow up


It’s wild you would say this while making 50 account to hate on successful artist and impersonating me because you don’t have your own personality.

I guess it’s true… someone is always thinking about you and I’d be flattered if you weren’t such a freak.


Jungloo knows he uglyy

Last edited 25 days ago by BlinkPink

Me, on Twitter: Good for you JK! Look at mah boy not caring about followers
Me, deep inside: NOOOOOOO 🤧🥹😭


We don’t have too see jungloos uglyy face anymore 😄😃


Pero si ves las de tus favs siempre

Bite me

Did anyone notice he sang “To find you” right around the time Rosé sang “Until I found you”? And they both suddenly updated after being inactive for weeks 😂

dot com bubble

Istg Blinks are so obsessed with pairing BTS with their girlies but always play the victim and bring up the gender card when confronted smh


what makes you think that’s a blink? I thought y’all claim Blinks hate BTS? Actually yes, Blinks hate those 7 men. We don’t wanna pair our girls with those twinks


You think we want the members of the biggest group in the world to be paired up with a bunch of seoul cycles? 😬


Seoul Cycles = Jimin


Blinks are obsessed with BTS validation. The fact that yall still have hit tweets abt Taehyung’s IG mistake says a lot abt how utterly desperate yall are to pair those girlies with Bangtan.


Nobody wants that uglykook for our rose. We support him and his Buddhist girlfriend


He dating the temple chick not rose lol


Every week there always another new gf rumor for JK lmao. I get why he wants to delete insta. He even said doesnt really new song nowadays.


Everyday new rumour because nosekook forking everything that moves. Kept hitting on poor IU that she had to announce she has a boyfriend 😂

Last edited 25 days ago by BlinkPink

Rose cover was like a month ago lmao. Stop connecting things because you want BTS to be with your girlies


Blanks stop tryna put your whores with BTS challenge: failed.


WhOre is slvthyung aka Nosekooks sidechick


Ew Rosie don’t need uglyy pigkook


You’re right, she has Jeremy


you need help


Smart, why have it if you won’t use it.


He knows 90% of his followers are bots 😂😂


Y lo dices con tus favs 🥱🥱🥱


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Last edited 25 days ago by bisili6903

JK does what he wants, he knows that unlike other idols, his career does not depend on his number of followers on insta or how much skin he exposes. 


Acting like he wasn’t flopping on ig even jimin was going to surpass him soon 😂😂

White cat

Well.its his acc. 🤣


I like the fact that he has enough freedom to delete an account with 50 million subscribers just at will


He has officially become the attention seeker of the group now. Congratulations Jungkook. Now go to yubi

Last edited 25 days ago by Purrrr
White cat

Nobody love u huh


We ship YubiKook 😃😃


Good riddance.


Yup no more jumpscare nosekook selca on Tl


I wonder when will Blackpink delete theirs? They should also do that, their insta is so cringe


He really dgaf lol he is something


Fandoms fighting over who has the most followers and here comes Jungkook deleting his with over 52M followers 😭

Whatever makes him comfortable and happy, that’s the most important thing.

Last edited 25 days ago by stfu

He deleted because he was flopping even jimin was going to surpass him 🤣😂


I know your girls are living off of their Instagram followers, hence why yall feel the need to keep up with other people’s followers, but pls stop projecting <3


Jk was never huge on social media. Its fine, ig was never used by bts previous to getting their individual accounts. He uses weverse more


JK really is just out here, living his best life. Respect for that. 👏

ArmyBlinkie 🥰

He is very competitive and probably couldn’t take it how V was so much ahead of him. He even changed his whole layout thrice


Yeah keep trolling, ik your real favs are so irrelevant nobody talks about them


He looks like buff version of Michael Jackson


Is this supposed to be a drag cause MJ is a legend lol


He must not have any plans of taking brand deals bc Instagram is like prime hub for promo, right? I don’t think brands will take weverse posts as good promo??


is it possible to use the bts official ig acc?? idk i saw that some idols post brand advertisement on their group’s official ig acc, example like some of the twice members


I don’t think he got any brand deals


Kristen Stewart doesn’t have an ig or twitter account. Many famous personalities don’t have but are still ambassadors of major prominent global brands. Him not owning an account isn’t gonna impact him. When his name is a brand itself and that’s only enough to land him major brand deals.
Ppl need to stop hyping followers when we know that most ppl actually buys fake followers who crosses 50-60m easily.


So you’re telling nosekook has fake followers? We all knew 😂

Taste that savage

Haha he got no brand deal 😂 even after getting the fifa song and army’s attacking jennie and begging CK to take him 😂 it’s not brands fault that he is hideous to look at 😂 and nobody wants that 😂


Damn I am not a fan but I find him so likable.

seungri is free

Gj jingchong 🙂 no one needs your female photos anyway


He’s actually the most manly member in bts along with Rm😭


not an army but that’s actually cool of him. idk why but celebs who are on ig all the time give me the ick…


How many times will you comment the same thing? 😂 “Not a fan” lol. You aren’t fooling anyone lol


And we can see your past comments linked to the current one lol


Tanked so hard


He knows he can not surpass Taehyung’s followers so he decided to delete it instead.

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