What Korean netizens say about NewJeans ‘OMG’

[MV] NewJeans – OMG (comeback title song)

1. Wow, the music video is seriously amazingㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. Wow the music video is crazy

3. The music video is so interesting.. It’s fresh and the song is good

4. They succeeded just by looking at the number of comments

5. The song is good and the music video is really refreshing and crazy

6. The song is good, the MV is unique, NewJeans is daebak

7. All the voices are really good, especially Hyein’s voice

8. I really like this song

9. The music video is so interesting and the song is good

10. The music video is so good and the song is so good

11. The song is so good, I think the fans will like it

12. Out of NewJeans’ songs, I like this song the most

13. It’s like the b-side song, and Ditto is like the title song

14. The song is good and the MV is good too, the MV is so refreshing ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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i love it! i love every releases from them. so unique and fresh, also this mv being the perspective of idol is so cool af. im rooting for you newjeans


Portraying mental illness as some quirky little theme, implying that those who expressed valid/reasonable concerns over their past concepts are mentally ill, and the cherry on top, people being sheeple and gobbling it all up.

They are an act with a huge platform and a following that is growing exponentially; one would think they’d be more responsible with the content they put out. IMO this was done in such poor taste, the whole tongue-in-cheek message delivered with a group of young girls as the front.

Then again I can see why they wouldn’t care – their audience willingly let themselves be gaslit by the company’s PR team with the initial backlash. They now know they can get away with anything.

Also, I first heard the song without watching the video. Forgettable B-side at best.

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you zoomers crying over the most miniscule and exaggerated dumb thing gonna be the end of art


I don’t think mental illness/being a psych ward patient is a ‘miniscule exaggerated dumb thing’, and glamorizing it does not make it ‘art’.

I am entitled to my opinion 🤷 I’m open to being corrected if I’m wrong. Calling me a ‘zoomer’ for it is…cute I guess.

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you’re wrong . there i said it.


How so?


I don’t think they are glamorizing mental illness cause that’s not what I get from the MV at all but oh well up to each interpretation I guess . Some people might interpret it like you do, some might interpret it different than you . Personally I don’t think they make fun or glamorizing mental illness


Wow, a rational response, as opposed to the whole ‘You didn’t agree with me so you’re wrong’ tirade. I appreciate you!

Art in general is open to interpretation, unless the concept is explicitly described. I don’t think they’re making fun of mental illness either, but I think their work here draws a parallel to the whole ‘OMG I’m so depressed/I’m so OCD’ fad. You know, where people associate themselves with it so that they’ll come off as quirky/relatable. I feel like it dilutes the issue just for the wow factor.

And the last scene, they knew exactly what they were doing. Not only did they not own up to it when they were called out, but they also gaslit the public into thinking they ‘were just projecting’ or whatever. This was simply an extension of that. The whole ‘what’s wrong with you, why would you see it that way?’ when people had a very good reason to be put off by it.

Just to be clear, my criticism is not towards the girls, who are basically just doing as they’re told, but towards the grown ass adults who are profiting off of the back of these kids.


you just exposed yourself as a pedo fan… congrats lol


How tf you saw that MV and your first thought was “pedophilia”, i think youre the one that needs help you disgusting mf


Guess who they learned from? Their senior 🤫🤫


Yes, we all know how yall show this fake concern when it comes to Newjeans. Yall simply hate the fact that Hybe is associated with them and BTS. Delusional. The last part of the MV is dedicated to you.


Well not NJ in particular, but I’m generally concerned about underaged idols being exploited by money hungry corporations, but I didn’t bring that up here because it’s another topic altogether. I don’t care about Hybe or BTS, please. I’ve mentioned neither of these in my comment.

And yes, the last part of the MV. I did think it was quite passive agressive. People are allowed to have opinions and type them out on the internet. Implying that they need psychotherapy for doing so is just not it. Like that wasn’t even some irrational hate comment. Comes off as very condescending. I’m not offended by it, but amused that they think they did a very clever thing, when it really wasn’t.

It remains that they couldn’t defend themselves when they were called out, and put out a ridiculous statement as an ‘explanation’ that almost no one bought.


I wasn’t even replying to you lmaoooo.

But yall acting as if this concept was only started by Newjeans. Where was this performative outrage during Red Velvet’s Psycho, huh?

And saying you’re not offended by the last part of the video, plsssss, I know yall are fumingggggg. But hey, if the shoe fits. If it didn’t hit you, why are you writing paragraphs about it? That part was meant to evoke some reaction and yall gave it lmao.


Right, my bad. I thought it was a reply to my comment.

Psycho and this are nothing alike 🤔 didn’t really see anything problematic with RV’s music video.

“If it didn’t hit you, why are you writing paragraphs about it?” So what if I have a reaction to it? I consumed content on the internet, had an opinion on it, and wrote it. Simple as that.

‘Fuming’ LOL I’m not really that invested in this whole thing. I just wrote down my initial reaction to it, is all. I’m yet to see a single comment explain what exactly I’ve misunderstood. Just a bunch of ‘we’re not on the same page, so you’re wrong’ 🙄


Because honestly nothing’s gonna change yall’s mind so it’s pointless to explain. Yall made up your minds but clearly, listeners don’t care much, they be streaming that song to hell and back.


1) I literally mentioned that I’m willing to hear out why people think my POV is not it. As far as I see, my initial point is fair, but if someone can contradict me reasonably, then I don’t see why not.
2) I am aware most of their listeners don’t care. Their popularity and chart success does not nullify my point.

My point remains: IMO, mental illness is not some quirky ‘aesthetic’, which is basically what this whole concept is. People are simply riding on the hype train and will shut down anyone who deflects from it. 🤷

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i think the psych ward community will be fine!




people’s interpretation of something is their own right, but yours is… interesting. i hope you can take a break from kpop.


Thank you for your concern, but no. 😗


I liked all previous new jeans releases.. but i feel like this song is a Bside song and after listening it, i don’t like as much as Hype Boy & Hurt.
And mv also is a little complicated and cannot feel their freshness.


I think seeing songs like these as a b-side is mainly due to the fact that kpop fans are used to having title tracks which are loud and explosive as opposed to Newjeans’ releases which are usually upbeat but more “chill” in comparison to other 4th gen songs.

Edit: Getting downvoted for telling the truth lmaooo kpop stans are so funny. Keep hating, Newjeans are still earning them monies and are ruling the charts unlike your favs.

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B-sides exist out of kpop. Even in Korea, the are k-soloist that hardly release explosive songs, like IU who has b-sides. It’s about how memorable/impactful a song is to be title track material. Ditto is more impactful, tbh.


Bro wtf of course I knew b sides exist outside of kpop but we’re talking about a KPOP GROUP right now lol. You drunk?


The MV is interesting and fun to watch, been such a while I’ve seen music videos like that in kpop , last time probably during 2nd gen.

Personally I prefer Ditto more than OMG but OMG itself is not that bad ,I found the chorus to be quite really good like Hanni’s voice just melts right into your ear tbh but I just prefer Ditto more for the melancholic feeling I got from it.


kinda mid


I can hear f(x) singing this T.T


The kids are doing amazing!!!!




Tbh I had much more expectations from them. But this song just kind of fells flat for me. It’s good that it is appealing to many ppl. But I just can’t get into it and was kind of disappointed. The mv was fine. But I wanted to have something like what they from attention and hype boy. This song just fell falt for me and become one for the forgettable list. I mean after some few listens I don’t think I would be able to remember it clearly. But it’s kind of still their beginning in industry so let’s see what more they give. I just don’t dig into their this cb.


Wow ‘OMG’ is killing it in music charts. Debuted straight to #2 on Melon Top100, blocked only by their song ‘Ditto.’ This is the highest for any female Kpop artist. Only BTS is higher since ‘Yet to Come’ went straight to #1. If all goes well, it may also get a PAK like ‘Ditto.’


I don’t like it


another overhyped 4th gen gg that shot to fame too quickly. soon they’ll get dragged and dropped for yet another group…


cry harder they’re 1 and 2 on melon lmfaoooo


still trash 😁


Just like your opinion cause they still earn those $$$ from listeners


trivializing topics like sexualization and exploitation of minors by referring to any form of criticism as “haters gonna hate lmao 🤪”

min heejin is a fucking weirdo and needs to be put on a watchlist…


I assumed it was just her team that gaslights people when critiqued, but it seems their shooters are no different. They’ve hit the Kpop jackpot all companies look for – minions that’ll drag anyone who has anything negative to say about their work. Kudos to them I guess

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ofc blonks are already in the comments hating on minors. Disgusting.


what does not liking a song have to do with them being minors?

most kpop fans are minors themselves…

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this minor card only apply to Newjeans since they are from Hybe? You better not drag YGNGG. They are most likely minors too.


To be honest, omg sound like a b-side. A good one. But still probably their most boring song or least catchiest. I can see why ditto being chosen as pre single.


Hmm I liked ditto way more. The song started picking up at the end, wish the rest of the song was like that

meow meow

idk maybe i’m not getting it but i don’t think it’s abt the cookie controversy 😭 which i am on the side of not liking the cookie lyrics but it kinda just seemed like making fun of knetz always finding smth to complain abt and that’s exactly what’s happening IDK maybe i’m wrong but whatever i love the girls and the song and i find the mv super interesting it’s the type of mv i’ve been wanting to see in kpop im excited for more mvs and a full album hopefully




Yall say this about everything. Hating popular things isn’t a personality, Jan.


ok, pedo bear


Yall learned a word and never use it properly. Pls study the DSM-5-TR lmao


Genuinely didn’t like the song maybe it will grow on me as of now I am not the biggest fan of it but I cant deny MV is pretty good

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