What Korean netizens say about Red Velvet ‘Chill Kill’ MV

Red Velvet ‘Chill Kill’ MV

1. Their concept and outfits in the MV don’t match the song

2. The song and MV don’t match, the song doesn’t even sound like the title song, I like Red Velvet’s songs but this song is a bit disappointing

3. I really like this song, it’s the best since Psycho

4. I like the music video, but I wish the song was a little darker

5. The teaser and song are so different

6. The song itself is good but it doesn’t seem to match the MV

7. The song is brighter than I thought

8. The chorus is good, the song seems brighter than I thought

9. Wow, I really like it. The songs in the album are also so good

10. The song doesn’t really match the MV

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