What Korean netizens say about RIIZE ‘Get A Guitar’ MV

RIIZE ‘Get A Guitar’ MV

1. The song is really good

2. Reminds me of SHINee

3. The song is good. I didn’t imagine SM would release a song like this

4. The song is good and easy to listen to. Shotaro dances so well.. I’m glad he looks happy

5. They seem to be handsome guys, but what’s up with their hair?

6. Shotaro is so good at dancing..

7. Wonbin is so handsome, the concept is pretty

8. I like this song, but I didn’t think it was an SM song

9. It sounds like a 90s pop song

10. The song is so good, I want to watch Shotaro’s fancam

11. It’s like a pop song

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