What Korean netizens say about RIIZE ‘Memories’ MV

RIIZE ‘Memories’ MV

1. The song is so good, pure, refreshing and cute

2. Wonbin is so handsome

3. I like the song! I also love the vibes of the music video!

4. The MV is beautiful and the song is good, but it doesn’t have the SM vibes

5. Just another NCT

6. It sounds like an NCT song

7. There’s no difference, it’s only the members that have changed from what NCT is doing

8. The singing part is good but the rap part is bad

9. Oh I think the song and choreography are so good

10. Everything is good, but the rap part is not so good

11. I like the song, but the rap part is weird…

12. The song is so good, the atmosphere in the MV is great too

13. I love both the song and the music video

14. I don’t know what’s different with NCT

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