What Korean netizens say about TWICE Chaeyoung and Zion.T’s dating rumors

[Exclusive] TWICE Chaeyoung is in a relationship with Zion.T

Chaeyoung and Zion.T have been dating for the past six months. The two first met through an introduction from a mutual acquaintance, and their relationship quickly evolved from being colleagues to lovers

The couple primarily goes on dates in Gangbuk. Rather than crowded hotspots, they prefer quiet alleys, enjoying romantic strolls together

1. Please stop the dating rumors, you’re harassing celebrities too much

2. Zion.T? He is from the same company as Somi

3. Nowadays, all the issues surrounding the private lives of celebrities are revealed

4. Chaeyoung is only 24 years old??? Wow, she debuted when she was so young

5. I’m really not surprised at all

6. The man Chaeyoung dated before was a tattoo artist?

7. He’s much better than her ex-boyfriend

8. Why are there always dating rumors?

9. What???????? I like Zion.T, but this combination is so unexpected that I never imagined it

10.Wow, her age is amazing.. I didn’t know she was younger than me

11. Did Somi introduce him to her?

12. But Chaeyoung is still 24 years old?!?! Wow, career-wise it’s crazy that she’s still young…

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