What Korean netizens say about TWICE Chaeyoung apologizing for wearing a Nazi T-shirt

TWICE Chaeyoung’s apology on Instagram

1. She apologized, just be careful in the future

2. People may not know and may make mistakes. She apologized, so just be more careful in the future

3. She made a mistake and apologized, so don’t do it in the future

4. You may not know the history of other countries, she apologized, so don’t wear them from now on

5. She apologized quickly and well, I hope the people wearing the Rising Sun Flag do the same

6. Be more careful in the future

7. Be careful in the future and I hope it won’t happen again

8. People can make mistakes without knowing it

9. If you want to be popular all over the world, be careful with this in the future

10. Be careful and don’t do it in the future

11. She made no excuses and wrote a good apology. I’m glad she realized her mistake, be careful

12. She wrote a good apology, just be careful and don’t do it again

13. Chaeyoung-ah, be careful in the future

14. Chaeyoung already apologized, stop criticizing her

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Teenaged puppy

Knetz accepting apologies not meant for them… but if the tables were turned they’d call internationals roaches for even getting involved


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These dumbasses really think “other countries history” did not involve them while talking about we need to be offended by the rising flag too.
They really think nazi symbol did not involve/affect them even if it was not directly so it’s not their problem. Someone needs to tell them Germany only excluded Japan and the rest of Asians would be sumhumans/slaves. If not Japan, Germany would be their oppressor. Because once they discover that only Japan was “praised” and how Korea was viewed by them, Koreans will switch QUICKLY. That nazi symbol that “didn’t involve them” will have a different meaning to Koreans bc they cannot stand being less than Japan. Only then they will realize
They are really delusional wow the nerve to accep her mid apology and talking about “good, be careful”


they did calle people names in here too, the Page did not translate them but some people say that i fans made a huge fuss about this but not about rising sun flags

Fuck you

Inetz are just same lol. Look what happened during snsd tiffany rising sun scandal. Inetz are defending her and shitting on knetz. Fyi she posted on korean independence day lol

Ladyboy lisa

There is nothing wrong with the shirt, hipler did favor clearing jews

Fuck you.

When will natural selection clear bitches like you out?


Nothing wrong with the tshirt, only her brain tho


Oh she getting cooked in the western media.

Fuck you

It proved that you didnt care abt that symbol. You only care that she will get attacked lol


Nope. I care about both. She and any other person deserves all the lashings for wearing nazi symbols. If you cared more about the history and the very real damage it caused you wouldn’t be so concerned about this grown woman getting “attacked” for it lol


i think it’s good that she’s getting called out.

crack corn

so what if she accidentally wore a swastika, asian don’t study european history likewise westerners don’t study asian history.

of all the things to put the energy in only a loser would cry about this


she’s not accidentally wore them. She had share photos with same clothes before then QAnon the other day. She just stupid and try hard. So much for wanting to expand in the western market but being ignorance for their history.


I don’t support her. But Qanon was not a thing here. Even most Americans said during that time that they didn’t even knew what Q anon even was. Much less you want another person who lives on different part to know what that shit is. Most of us didn’t knew.
Nazi one is totally another thing. That one was inexcusable.

Heil Hitler der Führer

It’s not her fault!! it’s the public fault for not being educated about swastika.


now if this was the rising sun flag i bet they’d switch up real fast.


Of course they would. Bc they have personal tragic history with the rising sun flag and not the swastika. The left facing swastika being a symbol for buddhism in korea. How many times have foreigners told koreans they were ovreacting about rising sun flag and they just need to get over it since its in the past. Point is, she likely didnt even think twice…she should have but the weird sht i see in korea on shirts not surprised. I dont even stan twice but everyone acting more outraged at her than they were at seungri.

Fuck you

So does inetz. They will defend idol and said its only a flag lol


BTS paved the way tho.


These photos are edited but nice try


They would. For them rising flag is more severe part of their history. Just like for Indians and Pakistanis as well as Africans British rule is most severe part of their history. Don’t dehumanise another nation feeling like this.
Believe it or not every country owns their own deep rooted history of violence that is a sensitive matter for them.

Last edited 8 months ago by It needs to be said

Luckily it’s only Chaeyoung. Imagine if he/she is a more famous idol.


that’s why they flop.


So you don’t care about the actual issue but are kekeing over the “flopping” thing…


already talking about the actual issue on her ig which is the first photo she shared with wearing the tshirt and now she deleted. no need to repeat same thing in this site.


So don’t say anything if you are just here to spit nonsense. Do INNOCENT people life’s and their sorrow looks like A FVCKING JOKE TO YOU?
This is not a k-pop moment. This is fvcking more than that. So don’t say anything and get out if you are only going to be insensitive over the feelings of other people.
You are also no good than Chaeyoung if you are being like this in here mind you


Wtf has other 8 members got to do anything with what her choices were like be serious. Do you actually care about this issue or it’s just another drag idol game for you? Chaeyoung was super duper wrong and insensitive to even try to buy that shit and wearing it in public. She could have even been arrested.
It’s more than fvcking “twice flop” so just keep that in mind before making comment about this issue.


More famous idol or not this thing was sick. And she is getting her deserved lashes.


Ofc she deserves it. I always think Koreans live in their own bubbles and Chaeyoung proved me right. Also saw in twitter that the restaurant in which her photo was taken is Jewish owned. Imagine how ignorant her action was.


she better go back to school.


lol the idol for bubbling under100 🤭. she’s old enough to atleast study or read history article, but i guess she’s busy looking for naked tattoo design and making flop music


Your comment just proves you dont actually care about the whole issue. Like wtf is bubbling under 100 or making flop music or naked tattoo design got to do with any of the fact of owning a nazi shirt like be serious on here…


Why are you switches names only to say the same stuff? Let the woman learn from this without y’all always stepping in to defend ignorant shit. Then you wonder why there is no growth in these idols


The fact that I am not even defending her but saying that you guys are literally taking this sensitive issue and making this your fanwar of steam and music is just sick. What she did was extremely wrong and she is getting her well deserved lashings but if you are thinking that person’s comment is morally correct about this issue then you are also not repeating the sentiments of people related to this issue.


I didn’t know Koreans were the victims of the Nazi party cause why the fuck are they accepting her apology

Fuck you

Inetz also accepting idol apologize when they are not the bully victim or japanese army victim lol


Koreans do know about holocaust but most of them are not familiar with the symbol used during it. Believe it or not WW2 history are made studied in more localised form everywhere. Koreans were invaded by japanese whose symbol was a rising sun that’s why they are more sensitive about that. Koreans books have more mentions and detailed study of the japanese invasion in Korea than the German nazi. It’s not that they are not made study as a world history nazi is a subject almost everywhere is made studied. But in most cases their symbols are not highlighted properly or people just don’t really research it properly. In Asian boss interview in East Asian countries many people saw this symbol as something which can be used in temples or something made trendy. They were not aware that this symbol is actually something which was used to kill thousands of innocent people.
In India this symbol is literally the most sacred thing. They put it on their home walls, mandir, new bought items like cars or fridge. Indians are still using it because it’s the part of their culture and most of them don’t know that their holy swastika was used to do such horrendous crime somewhere in the west. They were also under British rule during that time.
I am not defending her in any way or form. But people should understand you can’t expect everyone to be the enlightened with everything. Personally I feel that she should be put on hiatus for a time being. Twice shouldn’t suffer for what she has done. Shr should be self reflecting and getting educated. As well as Twice as a whole should get properly educated too. Especially members like Misamo because they are high school dropouts. I don’t think they really studied after dropping out.
Twice as a whole should need to be educated and jype need to put Chaeyoung on hiatus. It’s the best thing they can do for her rn. Because for her deed twice as a whole is also suffering and I don’t think fans who were deeply hurt by her want to even look at her for some time being.

Color color stan

Onces are annoying on twitter cause people are piling on chaeyoung and their defense is “what about bts?” 🙄


Can you stop putting totally different group name under this issue. I am not seeing anyone using BTS name in here. And it’s not about them. It’s about the hate symbol so don’t try to turn this into a cheap fandom fight.

Color color stan

Good for you, but i see their bullshit on twitter a lot


Maknae akgae as well as toxic once and blonk dragging namjoon. And of course United Kpop Fandom Nation will side with these breed. I only saw nice ONCE and ARMY ask them politely not to drag namjoon. army clapback and what they say “army is so mean, u are so misogynistic” 😑 Of course this is not fanwar but it is not new if something happened in kpop everybody have an itchy hands dragging bts into the mud.


Do most of you even in know that hate symbol is actually called hakenkreuz. You ppl are so freely talking about it like it’s actually called as swastika. Swastika is a Sanskrit name. You ppl should also learn history with her if this is what your knowledge is.


Anyway, free Palestine

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