What made Aespa Karina so popular?

Aespa Karina is so popular and loved, right?

What is the attraction that makes her so popular?

1. Her face

2. She’s had a lot of fans since her debut, but her face is amazing

3. It’s because of noisy marketing

4. She’s so f*cking pretty

5. Since their first stage on Music Bank, she’s been popular because she’s so pretty

6. It’s because SM has been pushing her as the center, so of course she’ll be talked about and popular

7. Face + body + skills + big company

8. Her face is pretty too, but I found out that she treats her fans so well

9. Because she debuted under SM

10. She debuted under SM, she’s the center and she’s pretty

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  • sm mediaplay: karina> jennie/ yoo jaeseok on brand rankings when she was cancelled & just debuted???, spam of karina visual mediaplay when yeoreum/ soyeon don’t get the same treatment
  • sm comp stans
  • plastic
  • sajaegi next level when no one was listening to it
  • akp/ pc/ mediaplay: spamming aespa articles when sf9, btob, stayc were more popular than them, creating that image as if aespa were talked more than btob in korea to monolingual i-fans
  • blackpink fishing: doing mediaplay stuff like next bp, bp clothing on knowing bros
  • remember the spate of sm employee posts on pann praising karina 30x w the same account while the downvotes were like +20, -260
  • time such that the gp has just not bothered to come out in those fan posts.
  • pretending to be popular; ‘selling; ‘500k’ albums & posting on us pop sites as though they were popular in k when in reality they shipped 500k to distributors & no one had bought it yet. 270k albums got returned (unsold) but everyone didn’t pay attn so the mediaplay had its value. did you see a follow up; Correction: South Korean Group Aespa sold 230k, not 500k, with 270k albums being returned to South Korea. Sm tried w macy’s parade, coachella 88rising etc, but… us audiences are even more familiar than sm themselves to know macy’s parade = regular civilians on a float.

Get a job instead of writing hate posts about someone 10x more successful and kinder than u


poor bitch, live in delulu kwangya & shut up. https://us-central.koreaboo.com/news/netizens-reactions-aespa-karina-debate-controversy-yoo-jimin/

  • “After seeing this, there are some suspicious points. If it was just the stage name, you could still sufficiently say that it’s fabricated by reasoning that it’s possible to guess a name. However, it’s not just that – the stage name, the info about (Kai’s) advertisement and the info about the new (NCT) members – the messages knew about it for sure before they were all released. If it’s a fabrication, the person has to be at least a staff in SM or someone close to her. If her friend heard all this info from Karina and made these up, I’m just amazed that a trainee is going around telling people internal information as this is the first time I’m seeing stuff being leaked like this.”

nam joo hyuk had 20 ppl coming forward & he’s still not cleared bcs they were prob his bffs. the only 2 defense itself said k was nice to her bffs but not to the others.
If you see in the comments, they say she was just an acquaintance level. Of course if you just read these types of comments, you want to curse and think badly of those who left these comments. However, all of these comments were left by people from the cathedral and school that were not close to us. 


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You said too many lies in one post that I have lost count. Like the return number is a complete lie. I don’t know if you made them up yourself or you took it from a liar but Savage is currently 470k right now in Hanteo and increased to the 700k on Gaon/Circle (if there was returns there won’t be increase but decrease yet they increased 100k sales). And for their current album Girls they have the most sold gg album in Hanteo history (980k as of now and the week hasn’t ended). Go cry somewhere else where no one can embarrass you like that.


You poor kwangya shipper lying. they mediaplayed at the start on a us pop web that they had 500k in USA, within 1 yr from debut. At the same time, hanteo was 200k ish. Do you believe a newly debuted grp had 500k sales in usa? More than half a year later, the gaon figure dropped by more than half. If you scroll the pc posts, there were already commenters pointing out the hypocrisy & the sheer drop. stop your lying delulu rabid fan mediaplay. no one’s gg to fall for it.


Is she even popular? I dont see any other people talking about her except the fans.Its more like mediaplay.


Jealous bish


No one is jealous lmao even an-yujin is eating her up>>.


sm mediaplay and her bullying scandals, I don’t understand how people claim that they are one top group in Korea and internationally just because they have album sales (any group can have that with cheaper albums) and only one song that performed better digitally when Ive and stayc are clearly more popular than them, it’s just narrative that is shoved to our faces that they the next gen leaders after BTS and Blackpink


But their album prices are above average for current 4th gen lol. “any group can have that with cheaper albums” all 4th gen groups right now have the same prices as aespa’s cheapest album. And not all of them have 20-40 dollar versions like aespa and Itzy. You seriously think anyone could sell million album if they have cheap albums lol.


Suspicious sales .


doubt there’s much organic popularity. it’s really easy to tell for wy, rei, leeseo, but this seems 85% mediaplay, 10% bandwagoners & 5% organic. if sm swapped w jyp nmixx, sullyoon would be jennie w all that push. the 4 aespas would prob be nmixx lvl of hype. push = hype. the scandals polarized gp so her fans left are those who are prob really vocal, more than say lily fans or haewon fans or bg fans, but gp typically do not have int to keep posting for more than a certain amt of time on fan posts & only come out during gp issues, like those cross industry posts where all of a sudden everyone like itzy.


Most overrated member in most overrated kpop group


one thing for sure that SM center member always end up being one of the popular members of their group

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