What netizens say about Aespa ‘Spicy’ getting #1 on Melon Top 100

Aespa ‘Spicy’ ranked #1 on Melon Top 100

1. Their live performance was great. I listened to the song after watching their live stage

2. I like this song even though I’m a muggle

3. Watching them perform live, I was impressed, the song is so good

4. The song is addictive~

5. Aespa sings live so well and is so charming. I really like singers with good skills, and I hope they do better in the future

6. I’m a muggle, but I love this song. I listen to it every day

7. I love the song ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Karina’s voice is perfect

8. This album is crazy, everything is great…

9. I really like this song

10. Wow Aespa is amazing

11. Wow, the song is so good and the stage is good too, so I’m listening to it!!

12. I love it because it suits the weather these days!

13. I love this song, I only listen to Spicy these days

14. I’m so happy… Aespa is the best

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pigmin jhorse ratjoon flopga hagjin jungcock slvthyung

aespa best 4 gen group. IVE NJ behind them. itzy nmixx good. g idle ok. Others Z-list


Congratulations Aespa! This was such a satisfactory comeback after such a long hiatus. I hope they’ll come back again before the end of the year!

Teenaged puppy

These are the people yawl think know good music? Korean charts are trash




they’re better than newjeans in my books

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