What netizens say about BLACKPINK Lisa purchasing a luxurious urban villa in Seongbuk-dong

YG BLACKPINK ‘Lisa’ purchases a luxurious urban villa in Seongbuk-dong, where Lotte CEO Jang Seon Yoon lives, a 200 pyeong house for 7.5 billion won

BLACKPINK Lisa has become the new owner of a luxurious urban villa located in Seongbuk-dong, purchased at approximately 7.5 billion won (~ $6 million USD)

1. Lisa, let’s live in Korea!

2. Lisa is so cool

3. Daebak, I’m so jealous of her

4. Lisa, did you purchase a house in Korea? Let’s live in Korea for a long time

5. Wow, Lisa is so cool. I’m proud of her

6. Is she 25 years old?? Wow, young & rich, I like Lisa because there’s something about her that attracts me

7. Well, BLACKPINK must have made a lot of money

8. Looks like BLACKPINK is renewing their contract

9. Lisa, if you live in Korea like this, you’re just Korean

10. I’m so jealous of Lisa’s cats and dogs

11. Lisa-ah, let’s do more activities in Korea

12. Young and rich

13. I don’t know about the contract renewal, but it’s a signal for her activities in Korea

14. BLACKPINK members must be rich ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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