What netizens say about ENHYPEN’s bodyguards pushing several women with excessive force at the airport

ENHYPEN bodyguards, controversy over fan assault… Criticizes “excessive security”

On May 16, when ENHYPEN arrived at the airport terminal, numerous fans started to gather in order to catch a sight of them

ENHYPEN’s bodyguard pushed several women with excessive force, causing a dangerous situation

1. Personally, I think they should do it with the sasaengs

2. It doesn’t look like assault, the bodyguards were just doing their duty

3. The bodyguards did what they had to do. If you don’t want to be pushed, keep your distance

4. They are not pitiful at all ^^

5. This is their first overseas schedule since debut, so I think there will be a lot of fans, but this is annoying

6. Is this the scene where the bodyguards fight the zombies?

7. Are they fans? I think the real fans will hate it

8. Honestly, those kids are like stalkers, stop shielding them

9. They are like zombies

10. Stop talking about gender with stalkers

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