What netizens say about ITZY’s new song ‘UNTOUCHABLE’ Official MV

ITZY’s new song “UNTOUCHABLE” Official MV

1. It feels like a song from 5 years ago… I don’t feel like there’s anything new

2. I think this is the best song out of the recent ones, but anyway, Ryujin’s long hair is seriously pretty

3. Why is the quality of their songs getting worse and worse?

4. I’m disappointed because my expectations were too high..ㅜㅠ

5. Chaeryeong is so pretty ㅠ I like this song

6. The song is so good and Ryujin is cute too

7. This song is not my style

8. Honestly, it was better than I expected. The song is so fresh and the combination of the four members is perfect..

9. I really like this song.. Aren’t they all so pretty? I gasped when I saw Ryujin

10. The song is so good, I’m really looking forward to the stage

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