What netizens say about Jeon Soyeon’s apology and Cube’s apology

Jeon Soyeon’s apology and Cube Entertainment’s apology

“Hello, I’m Soyeon

As a creator, I apologize for the controversy. I belatedly recognized the similarity of the partial melody of SUN, a contest song of “After-school Excitement,’ which is currently controversial. I apologized for the similarity raised after the broadcast, so I apologized to the composer of the controversial song.

I sincerely apologize to the composers, artists, and fans for causing confusion. I’ll pay more attention to it in the future.

I’m sorry.”

1. Is it her apology? It’s really bad

2. I like Soyeon because she’s smart and she’s good at talking, but what’s that apology?

3. I hope Soyeon will reflect and show good sides in the future~

4. So Soyeon admitted that she plagiarized, right?

5. People used to say she was a genius composer, but now it’s over. What kind of genius composer is a plagiarized composer?

6. I bet Cube didn’t even read KQ’s statement

7. The fans always say she’s a genius, but that’s plagiarism

8. Is it an apology? Is she trying to say she didn’t plagiarize?

9. Jeon Soyeon’s apology or Cube’s apology doesn’t really sound like an apology

10. Jeon Soyeon and Cube are shameless

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