What netizens say about JYP’s plan to debut 4 new groups in 2023

JYP plans to debut 4 new groups in 2023

Korean boy group

Japanese boy group

Chinese boy group

American girl group

1. Personally, I think it’s a hundred times better than debuting Japanese and Chinese members in a Korean group

2. Well, I’m curious about the American girl group

3. It’s not like they’re all going to debut in Korea.. They debut in each country, as long as JYP takes good care of their idols, I only care about their Korean boy group

4. They will debut a Korean boy group next year..? They should have done it last year

5. That Chinese boy group only promotes in China anyway, so I don’t care about them

6. Just don’t debut Chinese idols in Korean groups

7. What’s the Chinese boy group?

8. Who cares about JYP boy groups? I bet they will fail

9. I hate Chinese idols

10. Well, they haven’t given up on the American dream yet

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