What netizens say about LE SSERAFIM Chaewon and TXT Beomgyu’s dating rumors

LE SSERAFIM Chaewon dating TXT Beomgyu?

“Why is there Chaewon’s goods in TXT’s dorm…?”

“LE SSERAFIM’s reactions to TXT’s stage. Chaewon is following along from time to time and was shocked when Beomgyu threw the lighterㅋㅋㅋ”

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1. [+88, -41] There was also a time when she got shocked when singing Beomgyu’s song on Vlive. Also, when IZ*ONE disbanded, he went missing on Vlive

2. [+50, -16] Are you jealous because Bang Si Hyuk’s favorite is Beomgyu?

3. [+49, -31] It’s famous among the fans

“Kim Chaewon and Choi Beomgyu’s dating rumor??? TXT and IZ*ONE??”

4. [+45, -29] It’s the dorm where they live together with their manager

5. [+35, -23]

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