What netizens say about Na Ha Eun joining SM as a trainee

‘Awesome Haeun’ Na Ha Eun joins SM

Na Ha Eun, who has 5.2 million subscribers, hasn’t uploaded any videos to her YouTube channel for 3 months

However, in an interview, Na Ha Eun was mentioned as an SM trainee

She’s famous for being good at dancing, and she has won several awards

1. She’s so good, pretty and talentedㅋㅋ I knew she would debut one day, but I’m surprised that she’s an SM trainee

2. 5.2 million YouTube subscribers is equivalent to the YouTube channel of any popular idol group.. She is already so popular

3. She’s so popular that I thought she’d make a solo debut under the right agency, but looks like she’ll debut as a group?? I don’t think it suits her, but I’m curious how she will debut

4. She has 5.2 million subscribers on her personal YouTube channel, but what a pity…

5. I think Haeun will do well no matter what she does

6. I thought she would debut one day, but since it’s SM, I’m really looking forward to it

7. I hope Haeun will do well

8. Honestly, she dances well and is pretty.. I think she will do well as an idol

9. I remember when Kai told Haeun to join SM after seeing Haeunㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. Well, I thought she was going to be a dancer, but she was going to be an idol. I think she’ll do well because she’s so talented

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