What netizens say about NewJeans’ average face

NewJeans’ average face

1. I see the vibes of Hanni and Minji

2. Her eyes are so pretty

3. It’s strange that you can see the members from her features, but she’s a completely different person

4. Wow, I can see Hyein and Hanni

5. She looks almost like Minji + Hyein ㅋㅋ

6. I can’t see Hyein except her lips

7. Am I the only one who thinks each NewJeans member’s face is prettier than that?

8. She looks like Karina + Winter + Hyein!

9. She’s so pretty, but I can see all five of them

10. She looks like Hyein and Minji

11. I see Minji, Haerin, and Hanni at the same time on her face

12. I thought it was Cheon Seo Jin’s daughter

13. Kim Yoo Jung + Kim So Yeon

14. I thought it was a new member

15. Something reminds me of Kim Yoo Jung ㅋㅋㅋ

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