What netizens say about NewJeans’ debut stage

NewJeans’ debut stage

Hype boy



1. I think they did better than expected, the choreography is refreshing and fun

2. This is my first time listening to it, but I like Attention and Hype boy. Cookie’s lyrics are so good

3. They’re rookies, but they seem to be doing well! I especially like Hanni

4. Hanni is so good, I feel like she looks like Sulli

5. Hyein is so good on stage

6. Wow, it’s better than I expected… They’re all so pretty with different vibes and they’re so good on stage

7. They’re all pretty and have good skills, but I think the members who can use their expressions well will catch my attention

8. Hanni is so pretty and she’s so nice.. Hanni, Hyein, the two of them look the best on stage

9. Hanni really stands out on stage.. The members are all pretty, tall, good on stage, and they’re rookies, but they’re perfect

10. I can only see Hanni, she’s the prettiest, she’s the best dancer and she’s the best performer on stage

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