What netizens say about RIIZE’s comeback ‘Impossible’ MV

RIIZE ‘Impossible’ MV

1. The song, choreography and MV are all so good

2. I like the song and I really like the concept of the music video

3. Anton’s voice is so unique and good.. I love this song!!

4. I think it’s good to listen to this song in this weather

5. The song is really good

6. Wow, I like the song, I also like the choreography, I want to see their performance

7. It sounds like a pop song

8. Wonbin, Shotaro, Sohee seem to suit this concept very well, the other members are good too

9. Wow, Anton’s voice is so good

10. The song is so good, it exceeded my expectations

11. Anton’s part is good, his voice is so unique

12. I’m really looking forward to Wonbin’s fancam

13. Sohee’s voice is amazing

14. It’s a good song that fits the weather these days

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