What netizens say about SEVENTEEN ‘LALALI’ Official MV


1. The members are really handsome

2. I like this song but I never thought there would be a MV for this song

3. This song is 50,000 times better than the title song

4. Who is the music video director? The music video is well shot

5. It’s like a Psy music video

6. I love the song and MV, it’s so cute!!

7. The MV is really interesting.. ​S.Coups uses his facial expressions so well

8. This concept is crazy

9. This Korean vibe is amazing

10. I really like everything about the music video

11. First of all, the faces are crazy and the MV is amazing

12. What is Mingyu’s body…?

13. S.Coups is crazy

14. Daebak… Mingyu’s talent is especially crazy in this MV

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