What netizens say about SNSD saying they’re the #1 girl group

SNSD official Twitter introduction – No. 1 girl group, Girls’ Generation!

This is SNSD’s official Twitter account introduction

1. Soshi is the national girl groupㅋㅋ If Soshi is not #1, who is #1ㅋㅋ

2. Of course, Soshi is #1

3. I’m so excited ㅜㅜ I should sleep but I’m so excited that I can’t sleep ㅜㅜ

4. I admit it

5. SNSD is definitely the #1 girl group

6. Wow I’m so proud of SNSD, at least it’s not weird and it’s natural

7. Are you saying that Soshi is the #1 girl group?

8. I bet the kids who deny this don’t know anything about K-pop

9. No one can deny this

10. I agree

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