What netizens say about Song Joong Ki announcing his remarriage today

Song Joong Ki announced his remarriage through letter from the official fancafe today

1. His baby must be so pretty. Live happily!

2. Be happy!!!!

3. Congratulations!!!!!!!! Be happy!!!

4. What kind of romance novel is this?

5. I hope he’s happy

6. It’s only natural, but he seems like a father who loves his children so much

7. Congratulations on your 2nd marriage, I hope you and your family are happy

8. Joong Ki, be happy, congratulations~

9. Congratulations, be happy!

10. Congrats ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I hope you are happy and I’m waiting for your next project

11. Wow… wow… Be happy!

12. I think the baby will be cute.. Song Joong Ki was really cute when he was a baby

13. Congratulations!!!!!!

14. I was surprised

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So I guess he really wanted kids in his previous marriage, and shk probably wasn’t ready yet and busy with her own schedules, and they parted ways. He really doesn’t wait long to have kids with her new partner.


do u know what shotgun wedding means, it’s an accidental baby, stop making up stories out of your ass


shotgun wedding lol it’s what he deserves

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100% Remember when his agency first claimed his girlfriend was a “staff member” and that the rumors about him and his gf visiting an obygn in December were “unfounded”. A month later and he’s announcing that she’s pregnant and that they got married LMAO


lmao does this even matter in this day and age? it’s just a paper.
he got a happy family now, that’s what’s important

Kmi Jong Tros

mix babies are better than full korean


Now it’s clear that his marriage to SHK didn’t work out because they wanted different things, I’m happy for him, may they be happy. 


I hope Song Hye Gyo finds someone who loves and respects her. I hope she too finds everything she wants in a marriage.


What a user guy. 🤮🤮User. He is not famous before he did a series with song Hye Kyo.


Don’t worry about her. She’s busy filming and starring in successful dramas like “The Glory”, while he’s on his way to becoming someone’s third baby daddy 🤭


Either you have selective memory or you are too young to know but SJK had been gaining popularity since 2010 for his role in the drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal and also as one of the original cast members of the variety show Running Man. By the time they started working together, he didn’t need or have to use her for anything.

Also… he filed for divorce first and very publicly warned her to “put a lid on it or he would reveal all” when she tried to spin the media to her favor.


Ofc babys will be pretty, thanks to white genes


Welp I guess we all know now why Song-Song didn’t work out lol. Mans really out here wanting a baby mama 💀


he wanted an accidental baby, he wants a cheap hore that spreads her legs everywhere


Imagine if it’s SHK who’s getting married to a foreigner. She would have been slutshamed, get called all sort of names even if she’s not pregnant. The double standard.


funny how his parents aren’t running their mouths in the press when they had so much nasty shit to say about song hyekyo…

their pure and perfect prince charming son got a foreigner who already has two kids from previous relationships pregnant and now had to marry her to save face 💀 karma is real


sorry if this sounds ignorant but how do they communicate? as far as i know he’s not fluent in english and she doesn’t speak korean 💀💀

meow meow

i saw on pann that he hired a translator for her


whore rship.

meow meow

and song hyekyo is booked and busy!

meow meow

i hope queen is staying happy and unbothered


They probably rushed getting married, without a ceremony first because a baby was on the way.

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