What netizens say about STAYC “Bubble” official M/V

STAYC’s 3rd mini album title track “Bubble” official M/V

STAYC’s new song “Bubble”

1. The song is good and the MV is good too

2. The song is so cute and good

3. Seriously, even the b-side songs are good

4. It’s good, I think it’s the best song they’ve ever released

5. Let’s hit the daebak, princesses

6. The song makes me feel happy. It’s so good!!

7. The song is better than I thought, everyone is so pretty and talented

8. Sieun’s voice is perfect, but why doesn’t she have more parts?

9. I can understand why they held a showcase at Lotte World

10. The song is easy to listen to and the choreography looks cute too

11. The song is so good. The chorus is addictive

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