What netizens say about STAYC’s comeback song ‘Cheeky Icy Thang’

STAYC’s first full album title song “Cheeky Icy Thang” Official M/V

Congratulations on STAYC’s comeback!!!

1. I think it’s better than BABYMONSTER’s song

2. I’m not sure about the song but the members are all so pretty

3. I can’t hear any of the lyrics

4. I’m not sure what the lyrics say, but I like this song

5. The chorus is so good~

6. The song is good but why don’t they promote it?

7. I couldn’t hear any of the lyrics during the chorus

8. The song is so unique and the MV is also good

9. The song is so unique and good

10. The song is refreshing and interesting to listen to in the summer. The music video is also so interesting

11. Wow, the song is so addictive

12. I can’t hear the lyrics, what are they saying?

13. I like this song, it’s so addictive

14. They’re so pretty, Sieun is the best

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