What netizens say about TXT getting 1st place on Music Bank today

Score of 1st place on Music Bank today

1. No, why are there so many comments? They definitely got 1st place because their album score is so high

2. Congratulations to TXT!! The songs in the album are all good

3. Wow, their album score is amazing.. I think I saw somewhere that they sold 1.3 million copies

4. This is normal, because they have sold a lot of albums

5. They have sold over 1 million copies. Of course, I thought they would get #1, but why are there negative comments?

6. Did TXT sell a lot of albums in Korea? I don’t know why domestic music shows have to include overseas album sales

7. But this album is seriously a masterpiece.. I even listened to all the b-side songs..

8. Congratulations to TXT!

9. I’ve never listened to TXT’s song, but they got #1..?

10. Congratulations to TXT! Their songs are so good

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