What netizens say about V and Jennie getting into dating rumors

It’s true that Jennie was next to V

Those are Gentle Monster sunglasses

“It’s true, for real. But the one next to him is really…???”

“This is the hot picture that was reported today. I don’t know if she just looks like her. But those two top idols were spotted in Jeju Island. The top female idol’s breakup rumor with an OG idol member was released today, so the fans are buying into it even more. There are no fact check yet so I’ll hide the names for now”

[+318, -97]

1. [+366, -54] Anyone can tell it’s those two just by looking at the picture… V followed Jennie before, they’re making it obvious

2. [+272, -41] It’s true that he’s V, if you claim you’re an ARMY, isn’t it obvious to you?

3. [+213, -21] First of all, it’s true that the two of them went to Jeju Island, if you read the comments on other posts

4. [+145, -7] Looking at it like that, looks like this is irrefutable….

5. [+144, -43] It’s still identical, even with their bare faces and without eyebrows

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