What netizens say after watching LE SSERAFIM ‘FEARLESS’ MV teaser 2

LE SSERAFIM ‘FEARLESS’ M/V teaser 2 <2022.05.02 6PM>

1. It’s already good

2. Huh Yunjin and Hong Eunchae are seriously pretty

3. The song is already good

4. Sakura is so pretty

5. I think the more you look at Eunchae, the prettier she gets

6. It’s short, but Kim Chaewon is really good

7. I think the song will be good…

8. I’m looking forward to Chaewon’s fancam

9. Maybe Sakura is the center

10. I wonder if Chaewon is the center

11. At first I thought it was because Kim Garam was the prettiest.. but when the video was released, I only saw the other members

12. Chaewon was really good on stage, but I’m really looking forward to her this time

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