What’s up with IVE Gaeul at Dream Concert??

What happened to her hairstyle, makeup and outfit…? Why did she bleach her hair..???? I was shocked because it didn’t suit her

[+448, -46]

1. [+209, -3] She’s so pretty with short black hair, but why does the agency always do the opposite? When she just debuted, her two-color hairstyle didn’t suit her either. Why do they keep giving her weird styles?

2. [+182, -12] The styles of the IVE members are all not good today. Ahn Yujin looks weird too

3. [+160, -6] She looks so pretty with cold makeup and short hair. I really don’t understand…

4. [+94, -0] This style is perfect for her

5. [+63, -57] It’s because her face is ugly

6. [+63, -4] Gaeul is so pretty with black hair

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