When CHANEL is mentioned, I can only think of Jennie among all the celebrities in worldwide

Blackpink’s main rapper and lead vocalist Jennie continues to make a name for herself both in South Korea and around the world with her global campaigns with brands and successful solo steps. Jennie has attracted the attention of many local users in social media who are not K-pop fans by collaborating with brands she has contracted with for many years and selling her own designs and collections. Let’s take a look at Jennie’s collaborations with CHANEL from past to present and what she has made a name for herself.

Jennie was officially announced as a Chanel HOUSE AMBASSADOR in 2017 (first member in Blackpink). She is the first female idol to be announced as a global ambassador with CHANEL. Jennie was handpicked by Karl Lagerfeld himself to be CHANEL’s global ambassador in 2019. Before that, she became the face of CHANEL Beauty in 2017 and became the house ambassador.

During Jennie’s first CHANEL Paris Fashion Week Show, Karl Lagerfeld personally sent her a huge bouquet of roses with black and pink accents to welcome her. A few years later, she attended the MET Gala, which was held to honor Karl Lagerfeld’s influence in fashion, as a CHANEL Global Ambassador. CNN, Vogue, GQ, W Magazine, ELLE, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, Fashionista and Seventeen Magazine chose Jennie as the best dressed star at the event.

Jennie’s global campaigns with CHANEL so far:

1- Coco Neige (2021)

2- Coco Crush (2022)

3- Coco Crush (2023)

4- Chanel 22 Mini Bag (2023)

5- Coco Crush (2024)

6- Chanel Premiere Watch (2024)

Jennie became the face of two Chanel global campaigns in just a single month. Besides that, Chanel repeatedly sent the brand’s personal photographer to take high-quality photos for her before her trips to Paris (February 2024). Jennie is called Human Chanel for a reason and I do not think Chanel will ever let go of her. Thoughts?