When I was in elementary school, I thought Yoona was the prettiest, but now that I’m an adult, she’s still the prettiest

Of course, that means I’m getting old. Yoona unnie is always fresh and pretty

1. Yoona is Yoona,,, seriously pretty

2. She’s not getting old and she’s always pretty

3. Unnie hasn’t changed….. My heart hasn’t changed either

4. I first saw her when I was in elementary school and thought that there are beautiful people like that in the world

5. Unnie… I’m the only one who’s getting old… So cool, so pretty ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

6. It’s natural beauty

7. I used to think she was pretty, but lately I think she’s extremely pretty

8. Wow, she’s so f*cking pretty

9. Yoona is just a goddess

10. Everyone in the world knows Yoona is so pretty

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