When it comes to powerful vocals, who is the power vocalist of the 3rd generation?

?? I’m sure the 3rd generation has a lot of powerful vocals

1. Isn’t it Chen..???

2. Solar?

3. BTOB, GFriend, EXO…

4. Baekhyun..?

5. BTOB?

6. I thought it was Jung Eunji, but she’s a 2nd generation idol..?

7. GFriend Yuju? Wanna One Kim Jaehwan?

8. For the 3rd generation it’s Yuju and Solar

9. It reminds me of Solar, Yuju, and Yeonjung

10. Yuju and Wendy

11. Seo Eunkwang

12. Baekhyun, Chen, Yoo Yeonjung, Kim Jaehwan, Solar

13. Wendy

14. Dokyeom

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