When ranking girl groups, BLACKPINK should be taken out of the discussion

Korean female celebrities with the most followers on Instagram

1. Jennie

2. Jisoo

3. Rosé

Lisa is a foreigner

[+79, -25]

1. [+48, -13] Now, when ranking girl groups, BLACKPINK should be taken out of the discussion..

2. [+25, -13] Lisa is about to reach 80 million followers

3. [+21, -3] Wow, it’s like Jennie had 50 million followers as of yesterday, but has she already reached 70 million followers??

4. [+17, -19] Southeast Asian fans are huge, so everyone knows itㅋㅋ

5. [+9, -0] Aren’t they the Korean celebrities with the most followers?

6. [+7, -1] All four BLACKPINK members have the most followers in Asia

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They are so annoying in their obvious pathetic attempt to acknowledge the Korean members only so Lisa doesn’t become no.1

I bet if Lisa was the last, they wouldn’t make the rank Koreans only.


I remember thousands of Jisoo stans spam reporting Rosé into getting shadow banned and now her followers keep glitching


they always talking about SEA especially as a way to look down on lisa, meanwhile she’s the second most followed member in korea…


why millions? im only seeing numbers in thousandths place. how do they see 7,995 as a figure close to 80,000,000?

Work and travel

East asian number system is different than others. For example we say 1,000,000 is 1 million but Koreans would say it is 100 man. Man means 10,000. They have a word for the number 10.000 just like we have a word for 1,000,000. What you see is 7,995 man which is 10,000 × 7,995= 79,950,000


만 is like 10.000
So if its 7,995만, you just add four 0 after that, so 7,995만 = 79.950.000


4. [+17, -19] Southeast Asian fans are huge, so everyone knows itㅋㅋ

They really think bp all followers are from SEA so stupid and racist.


Nichkhun, Minnie, Ten and Bambam don’t have many followers like Lisa even though they’re from Thailand too. so for Lisa’s followers, it’s obviously not only from SEA but many other places in the world


What has Instagram follower number got to do with kpop girl group rankings?


the way knetz talk about SEA fans is so disgusting. most of the sales/views from almost all kpop groups comes from SEA, and their country is highly benefiting from that so they should be thankful kpop is popular here


Yeah they obviously should be taken out of the discussions about gg. Because they’re not singers but insta models.


your man is insta model too

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Everytime an army is on bp’s business, jhope is one postion down on the charts


All Blackpink has Indonesia as the country they have the most followers with, they got at least 10 million followers each and it’s Jisoo who is the most followed member there, she got 12 million followers. It’s the way Lisa has only 4.5 million followers from Thailand while Jennie has 5.5 million followers from South Korea but we only see people saying “Lisa’s followers are mostly from Thailand”.

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