Which agencies do you think the top 4th generation groups will come from?

It’s like BIGBANG and SNSD for the 2nd generation // BTS and BLACKPINK for the 3rd generation

Which agencies do you think the top boy and girl groups will come from? (Not the name of the group but the agency)

For me it’s SM and HYBE

[+10, -22]

1. [+72, -18] For female idols it’s YG, for male idols it’s HYBE

2. [+45, -7] There is no 4th generation group that I like from big agencies, I personally hope groups from small and medium agencies will do well

3. [+25, -36] It’s SM and SM

4. [+18, -30] The one top of the 3rd generation is BLACKPINK?? If it’s only domestic, isn’t it TWICE instead of BLACKPINK? BLACKPINK doesn’t have a lot of activities, they don’t even have enough songs, so they sing other singers’ songs at their concerts..

5. [+17, -3] For female idols it’s SM, for male idols it’s HYBE

6. [+10, -6] Isn’t the top female idol already Aespa??

7. [+7, -1] Aespa / I’m not sure about male idols

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