Which k-pop generation is your favourite?

As the generation of idol groups have once again shifted from 3rd to 4th.

Until 2020 we could see many 3rd gen idols attending events and all. From 2021 3rd gen presence became less and last year 2022, 3rd gen presence were almost non existent in kpop awards and events. Even tho the generation is shifted still we can say that 3rd gen groups till now are strongly dominating markets with their fandom power.

As a k-pop lover and seeing 2nd gen and 3rd gen idol groups, 4th gen seems to lack a lot behind them. Obviously through internet and sns the interaction between idols and fans have thinned out making lots of people come and enjoy the k-pop scene. But still until now 4th gen still is somehow not giving that same charm the 2nd and 3rd gen groups gave which invited lots of foreigners like us to watch them even when seeing them was quite hard. Apart from that the bare minimum efforts in performance from 4th gen groups are making k-pop stans question what idols nowadays really want to do. 

With immediate fame a lot of groups are failing to give spectacular performances which is expected for rookie idols to give. 

Obviously in this narrative not all 4th gen idols are involved as some are showcasing the same energy 2nd and 3rd gen idols showcased during their rookie days.

The most absurd thing coming out in this gen is this question “Should idols sing or not”. It’s like asking should a chef should cook or not or should a painter paint or not. Yes, an idol sure is a person who does many things but them being a good performer should always be a first priority.

Even tho it’s a controversial statement but I would like to add this as an ending note. Lots of idols especially rookies are running after international fame mainly through luxury brands. Even tho it’s a good thing but still it’s impact is showcasing itself in their performances. As a rookie is expected of you to be with your group and do group activities for atleast 2 years. That’s how things were for 2nd and 3rd gen. But may be as gen is shifting this rule have also shifted. But the barrier of connectivity we first felt with idols cause they somehow seemed like us is just widening at this point. Even tho it’s a good thing that many of us a acknowledging their stuff that idols and our normal life is actually very different. Still this is somehow taking one of essence of k-pop we all liked.

So at last one question. Which gen you like the most 2nd 3rd or 4th?

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It is what it is

Honestly, 2nd gen is the best for me. Idols that can sing (no auto-tune, no background vocals) and dance. Iconic groups like Soshi, wonder girls, Kara, Sistar, 2ne1, BB, TVXQ, infinite, 2pm, SHINee are from this gen. They impacted so much on kpop that until new groups learn from their legacy.

3rd gen is also ok, but they used a lot of playback and are more focused on credit songs rather singing, although performance wise it’s really good.

4th gen tho, the most terrible, most of them just worried about pretty faces and fancy clothes. Pretty sure kpop is about music not modeling 🥴


2nd gen. by far.


2nd gen vocals
2nd gen visuals
2nd gen variety idols

2nd gen


3rd gen is the best overall… 2nd gen songs were all childish and weird with excessive use of autotune. 3rd gen has the best music.


2nd gen has the best variety shows and dynamics since the idols are not as robotic. But music wise and outfits wise, some songs can be pretty cringy and the stylings are definitely not “classicly attractive” so there is going to be a time like right now where the stylings are considered bad.

3rd gen has the best balance

4th gen is too fabricated


well some of 2nd gen groups were still active in 3rd gen era so I’d say 3rd gen


2nd gen is still the best for me. I know almost all the groups and at least one of their songs too. it’s rather easy for me to like their songs on the first listen. the public also know many of them, not only as group but also individually


2nd gen by a landslide.

2nd gen had Super Junior, Nine Muses, SS501, KARA, T-ARA, U-KISS, Infinite and 2PM.

Music was so much better and diverse, we had better and more unique visuals, idols were more well-rounded and variety shows were less forced. Too bad 4th gen cemented the absolute opposite.


idk but this one with nct 127 lol


2nd gen. 4minute, Beast


Second generation for sure. The last generation of K-pop that was not concerned with suiting the tastes of western audiences. The songs from that era are timeless. (It was like that at the start of third generation too but towards the end, the pandering to the west was in full force)

It was also an era where idols did not take themselves too seriously. It helped see them as human, as opposed to the carefully curated and manufactured idol personas of the latest generation.

A lot of them have faded away now but they pioneered the hallyu wave (late 2000s – early 2010s), which set the foundation for the reach that K-pop has today.

Truly the golden era.

based misandrist

“truly the golden era” lol not for girl groups they were forced into performing for horny military men and treated the same way as comfort women and before y’all get mad at me for saying that it was korean critics themselves who made that observation


I was talking about the music.

And as far as messed up things like objectification of young girls/women go, every generation so far has seen it’s fair share of it. Not much has improved in K-pop in that aspect. The industry remains as superficial as ever, despite the slew of concepts and contents promoting self love, confidence, badassery and what not.


3rd gen, good balance of singing and dancing. 2nd gen’s choreos suck, while 4th gen’s singing sucks


3rd Gen because BTS is in it. BTS PAVED THE WAY! No one can compete to them. They are the best! Lyricism, song writing, performance, vocals and rap wise, it’s BTS!


2nd gen is the reason why kpop became a global phenomenon and 2nd gen is the reason why companies even invested into debuting new groups. i hate the “paved the way” narrative but it’s true. 3rd, 4th, 5th gen artists, including foreign members, wouldn’t have dreamed of becoming an idol if it weren’t for kpop’s 2nd gen.

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based misandrist

korean dickriders and their superiority complex your precious 2nd gen could only come into existence thanks to kpop being modelled after japanese idol system not to mention music inspiration from the western industry


100% 2nd generation.


All bad


4th gen has no idols who are total filler members so 4th gen is the best. in both 2nd gen and 3rd gen there were so many talentless visual members that contributed nothing to their group so i can’t rank them that high lol, the avg was much lower than it is now


4th gen is the era in which there are wholesale filler members in their groups plus most of them don’t even execute the ambition of being a k-pop idol in first place. Most of them are only running after success and being famous in usa. Are going after fashion brands and rn they are not even completing a whole year as a group and are already taking solo gigs.
2nd and 3rd gens were more group oriented and were giving out their best on stages. 2nd gen were best but 3rd gen were also not so behind of them. But this 4th gen is absolute worst thing ever imagined in kpop rn and that’s the truth.


like fr wony and yuna can even be the most talented visual if she’s in 2nd gen. don’t get me started with karina, and sullyoon.


not 2nd gen, it’s 3rd gen the one that are less talented visual. in 2nd gen, seo hyunjin, eugene, yoona can atleast hold a note but irene,tzuyu and jisoo are so weak even in their respective musical position


I became a k-pop fan in 3rd gen. So they’re important to me. Especially TWICE, BTS and SEVENTEEN

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