Which members of BLACKPINK, NewJeans and LE SSERAFIM do you like the most???

For me it’s Jennie, Minji, Kazuha

1. Jisoo, Minji, Kazuha

2. Jennie, Hanni, X

3. Jennie, Haerin, Eunchae

4. Jisoo, Haerin, Yunjin

5. X, Minji, Eunchae

6. Jennie, Minji, Chaewon

7. Jisoo, Hanni/Haerin, Kim Chaewon

8. Lisa, Haerin, Chaewon

9. Jennie, Haerin, Kazuha

10. Rosé, X, X

11. Rosé, Hanni, Kazuha

12. Jennie, Minji, Huh Yunjin

13. Jennie, Hanni, Chaewon

14. Jennie, Haerin, Kazuha

15. Jisoo, Minji, X

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