Who are the celebrities who created the most buzz in 2023?

On the good side

1. NewJeans

2. Kian84

-> Kian84?? What did he do?? I really don’t know

3. Jungkook?

4. NewJeans

5. Jungkook

6. Lim Ji Yeon?

7. Jungkook, Song Hye Kyo, NewJeans, Kwon Eunbi

8. NewJeans

9. This year the whole world is NewJeans

10. Jungkook, NewJeans… Dex?

11. The singer is Jungkook. The entertainers are Kian84 and Dex

12. NewJeans, Jungkook, Song Hye Kyo

13. Jungkook

14. Reminds me of NewJeans, Jungkook, Dex, Kian84

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