Who are your three favorite female idol members?

For me it’s Joy, Kim Chaewon, and An Yujin

1. Yuna, Sullyoon, Hanni

2. Rosé, Danielle, I like these two ㅠㅠ

3. Wheein, Rosé, Hyein

4. Suzy, Leeseo, An Yujin

5. Jennie, Sana, Hyein

6. Taeyeon, Wendy, Rosé

7. Seulgi, Jennie, Kim Chaewon

8. Huh Yunjin, Gaeul, Giselle

9. Karina, Minji, An Yujin

10. Haerin, Winter, Jennie

11. Sullyoon, Nayeon, Hyein

12. Kazuha, Kim Chaewon, Hyein

13. Wonyoung, Winter, Hanni

14. Rosé, Hyewon, Winter

15. Jennie, Joy, Suzy

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