Who dances the best in NewJeans?

I’m curious

1. Hanni is the main dancer?

2. The members all dance well but Hanni and Haerin get mentioned a lot

3. Haerin is the best at dancing, you can tell just by watching their challenge videos

4. Everyone dances well, I think Haerin dances the best

5. It’s Hanni, I just watched her fancam

6. I like Hanni’s dance

7. Everyone is good, but I like Hanni!!

8. Hanni is doing so well

9. My taste is Hanni

10. I think Haerin is a good dancer

11. Hanni dances the best, I watch Hanni’s fancam every time

12. Hanni

13. Haerin

14. Hanni dances the best

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