Who do you think of when you think of a girl group whose members’ body proportions and visuals are in harmony?




There are almost 30 comments, but it’s surprising that only these three groups are mentioned

1. Whether you’re a fan or not, it’s BLACKPINK

2. I thought of IVE when I saw the title

3. The group with the best visuals is TWICE

4. This reminds me of BLACKPINK

5. I also thought of these three groups

6. TWICE, the newest group is NewJeans, they’re all so pretty

7. I think of NewJeans, they look so harmonious and pretty

8. Hul, I thought of NewJeans

9. BLACKPINK!! I was surprised when I saw their silhouette

10. Now when I think of girl groups, NewJeans is the first group that comes to mind

11. BLACKPINK and NewJeans

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